Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent


Ask someone what a travel agent is and they’re likely to show you their Hotwire or Priceline app, where the deals are hot and spaces are limited. When you’re in the mood to plan your next vacation, don’t forget to ask your local travel agent what they have to offer. There are more reasons than saving money to work with a travel agent for your next adventure.

  1. Google may give you a hundred great results, but your travel agent can tell you which sites are worth seeing and which hotels are the best. Travel agents hold a plethora of fantastic deals, tips and off-the-beaten-path places that you may have not heard of before.
  2. Resorts and hotels that are frequented 24/7 could sell out of rooms quickly. Travel agents work hard to make sure you’re getting the best deal on the lodgings you wants. Have a dream resort but it’s sold out? Ask your travel agent if they’re able to do something; you never know what they can find!
  3. Travel agents are full of insider tips and tricks, because they usually were once an insider.  Elite Travel’s own DeDe Arnold was a flight attendant for many years, and her knowledge shows. DeDe’s expert advice and knowledge keeps her clients coming back for every vacation they need planned.
  4. Travel agents will remember the details that you might have forgotten to plan. You took a flight that brought you to your vacation spot in the middle of the night, but you forgot to figure out how to get to your hotel from the airport. Your travel agent will catch that hiccup and you’ll have transportation ready so you can rest up for your next day.
  5. You were told by a friend that the newest resort they recently visited is not to miss. But once you get there, you discover it’s family-centered and you didn’t bring the kids. Your travel agent will make sure you’re going to places that are perfect for you, whether you have the kids with you or not.


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By: Sarah Masa-Myers


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