Savvy Gifts to Make Traveling a Little Easier

Whether you travel for work or enjoy a few vacations throughout the year, there’s always a reason to add more tools to make your travel easier. Here’s a list of a few items that we can’t live without when traveling a few hours or across the world.


  1. When you’re on a business trip and need to keep your neckties from getting wrinkled, here are two great options for optimal neck wear storage:

Necktie Travel Roll
Travel Tie Canister


Yerweal Business Travel Essentials


2. Get those pesky wrinkles out of your nice clothing when traveling for business or a wedding with this portable steamer:


PurSteam Steamer


3. A must have for International travel, this 4-in-1 adapter set works for 150 various countries and connects together into one cube for compact storage.


4-in-1 Adapter Set


4. A great travel bowl for long road trips, your furry friend can stay hydrated and happy (and it’s collapsible!)


Lixit Waterboy Traveler


5. A humidifier that attaches to a water bottle for when the hotel room gets a little too dry:


Buy It Here


6. For minimalist packing or a weekend getaway, the Rolo is compact, and can hang from anything.


Rolo Travel


7. These earplugs will help with reducing the pain that comes with pressure changes while flying.


Travelon Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs


8. When you need a little more light during the trip, these compact LED lights will help.

Reading Clip.JPG

Portable LED Reading Light


By: Sarah Masa-Myers


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